Ikareum - Lilienthal Flight Museum

image Ikareum © Luxigon

Since 1994 there have been various initiatives to save the remains of the 750-year-old church from complete decay. With the "Ikareum - Lilienthal Flight Museum”, the famous and internationally recognised pioneer of flight, engineer and visionary of global air travel and of “eternal peace” will have a worthy memorial in his baptismal church. The Otto Lilienthal Museum will move to its new location here in the centre of the Lilienthal-Town of Anklam.

Presentation of the project

Skål Award

Hansestadt Anklam

Anklam lies very close to the island of Usedom on the Baltic Sea 
and can be reached by rail (train route Berlin - Pasewalk - Stralsund), or by car 
from Berlin (180 km).